Now anyone can create e-learning for smartphones. Before lunch.

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How does it work?

With Moblrn's all-in-one tool you can create and publish digital training, without any previous technical skills. Intuitive, easy, step-by-step creation allows you and your organisation to offer fast, fun and effective microlearning, by serving small chunks of knowledge through a smart phone.

When is Moblrn at its best?

When it comes to sharing knowledge, creating engagement or changing behaviour, Moblrn delivers at its best. Here are six areas where Moblrn is especially useful:

When your organization:

Needs to reach everyone without distracting daily routines

Far from everyone works by a computer, but almost everyone has a smart phone in their pocket. A device they use on average 80 times a day. You can benefit from this behaviour and easily reach out to everyone through a tool they are familiar with.

Needs to save time and money

Sometimes it’s easier (and much faster) to create a training yourself, than to brief the HR department or consultants. Especially when the training is targeted at your own staff and ”good enough – on time” is more important than ”perfect – too late”.

Wants to benefit from the use of smart phones and micro-learning

By dividing the training into smaller portions, served daily during a period of several weeks you will increase the learning curve drastically. This is called Micro-learning. Moblrn is built to encourage Micro-learning through the widespread presence of smart phones.

Needs to train people outside the organization

No matter if your organization already has an e-learning platform, you still can’t reach people outside of your intranet. But what if you need to train dealers, field-staff or customers? Moblrn takes care of that, too.

Needs to implement new strategies and ways of work

Using the smart phone as a tool for internal and swift communication is a smart choice. With Moblrn’s ”timeline” feature you can schedule lessons to ensure that real change and improved behaviour really happen.

Needs a smart distribution of news and information

Moblrn can also be used as a very efficient communication tool. Schedule news and information on the ”timeline” and let employees take part of and interact with company news on the go.

Smart training. In smart phones. For smart companies.