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Which timeline should I choose?

What is the timeline?

The timeline sets the pace of the training and is crucial to the success of your course. 

Where do I find the timeline option?

- The timeline can be found on the first page after you’ve clicked on “create a course”. 


Important information.

- Please note that the timeline can’t be changed once you’ve clicked on the add-button at the bottom of the page. 

The timeline options:

1. Open timeline

If you’re organising a training course that is open and accessible for participants to join without there being a set start date, the open program is for you. 

You set the intervals yourself, for example 1 week, 1 day or perhaps 1 hour until the next lesson is shared with your participants and they get a push notification in their mobile phones.

The participants can be added at any time and will go through the course, experiencing the push notifications with new bits of training being shared at their own pace according to when they started the training course. 

Open time lines are great for onboarding new employees or product and service trainings. 

2. Specific timeline

If you’re organising a training course for a set period of time, the specific timeline is the one for you.

Here you set the start and end date along with specific dates when different parts of the training is to be released to the participants over a fixed period of time. 

Specific timelines are great for trainings that have to be completed in a certain time period, perhaps in regards to changes in rules, laws, regulations or company policies. It’s also the best option should you wish to use the tool as a newsfeed sharing team updates.

Please note that the set times and dates can’t be changed once the course has started.