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When should I use reward response?

You can reward students with points for correctly answered questions. 

Where can I find reward response? 

Reward response can be found on the first page after you’ve clicked on “create a program”.


Important information:

Reward response is optional

To encourage participants to respond to all types of questions in a program, you can

reward them with a fixed score for each interaction with a question – regardless of answers or type of questionnaire. This option can be combined with rewarding the correct answer for a specific question. Each question score is the maximum of 999 points. 

If you don't need this section, jump to "Select user login", and leave the score-field empty. 

Example: You chose to give a fixed score for each interaction with 10 points. And then you combine this by providing a correct answer from a question in an interaction with 25 points. If the User answers correctly she/he will then get 10 + 25 = 35 points in reward for doing this interaction and with a correct answer! A User will never get minus points if her/his answer is wrong.

The students can see their individual score in the mobile app by clicking on the symbol that looks like this to the very left in the main menu.