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What online support is available?

There are video tutorials available to support you every step of the way with instructions in regards to creating a course from scratch. Simply click on the play buttons that are visible in the CMS to view and get the support you need to create great training courses.


01 create course

The course page is the first thing users will see when launching the Moblrn app. Here, all courses will be placed side by side for users to open.

To add new courses, Click on the plus sign. Give the course a name. Add a short description of Drag and drop a cover image.

To encourage participants to respond to all types of questions in a , you can reward them with a fixed score for each question they are the answer - regardless of what they answer. This option can be combined with rewarding the "correct answer" for a specific question. If you don't need this section, jump to "select user login".

When inviting a specified group or individual by email to a closed program, choose the "personal password" alternative. When inviting unknown participants to an open program, choose the "generic password" alternative.

Next, choose a timeline. Select "open training" when users can join the training at any point in time. You can still add a period (from 1 hour to 5 weeks) between lessons. Select "specific date/time" when everyone in a group shall receive content on a fixed date or time.

Lastly, define the time range for when you would like your users to receive push notifications. This is a way to ensure your correspondence times match your user's learning habits. Moblrn recommends that you set these times within the hours usually assigned to a typical working day. Please note, this setting is automatically set to Central European Time.

03 create lesson

Welcome to a quick introduction on how to add interactive lessons to the Moblrn timeline.

04 create push

Create a push notification by checking the box to send a new message along with the release of the scheduled lesson. Here you can write a brief introduction to let your user know what they can expect out of the lesson. Set the start time to enable the push notification. You can only do this after setting the start time.

05 create portal

Add content that is relvant to your course. You can organise the content in several categories, sub-categories and pages. Give this section a name and activate by clicking on the switch to the left.

06 create about

The About section is where you can tell users more about you and your company, and/or the learning course you have created. Just drag and drop content as you would with any other Moblrn section. Changes will be saved automatically and published instantly.

07 create user

To add users to your course, drop in details one by one for each unique user or add a batch of users by uploading a CSV or excel file. When adding an individual user, make sure to include the mandatory name and email fields. You can enter both first and last name

To add a batch, create an excel or CSV contact list (cut away to an example of excel form) which is formatted with columns labelled name, phone, email, department and company. Every contact on this list will receive their unique mail which you build under the program setting. In the mail, the user will get all the necessary information about how to log in and start the course.

08 create invitation

You can create a personalised invitation mail for all your users. Click on program settings, then scroll down to "Invitation Email". Update the body of the email with your preferred font and write a personalised message for your participants. This will be the very first correspondence your participants will receive, so be sure to introduce the intention of the training course and explain the default instructions for how to download and login to the app.