”Saint-Gobain sees the mobile as an excellent complement to reach out to everyone who is in the need of training & product information”

Gilles Leva, Deputy Vice President MarketingSaint-Gobain

Global Moblrn roll-out with Saint-Gobain

Saint-Gobain is a French construction conglomerate with 180 000 employees around in 70 countries. Moblrn has been working closely with Saint-Gobain since 2017. In June 2020, we signed a Global Framework Agreement that covers the whole world and the goal is to provide mobile learning that can be targeted towards Saint-Gobain employees, resellers and customers. 

In this video, Björn Berlin and Anders Børde explains how Saint-Gobain is using Moblrn as their channel for bite-sized training on products, systems and service.

Watch the video clip below:

Reach everyone in their mobile

Moblrn is being used by Saint-Gobain brands such as Gyproc, Weber, Isover and Norton in more than 35 operations on all continents of the world. A central team produces courses that local operations easily can translate before distributing towards local sales team and resellers. The local operations also creates their own courses, which can be shared between the countries.

Gilles Leva, the Deputy Vice President Marketing of Saint-Gobain says this cooperation is just the beginning, and sees great opportunities for mobile learning in 2022 for additional Saint-Gobain operations. Due to the pandemic there will be less physical training and more need for distant training.

It is easier to target larger numbers of internal and external customers which results in better trained and more competent and confident staff. This again improves sales of Saint-Gobain products and systems.

A true Partnership -

Key Success factors for a Global Roll-out

Our cooperation with Saint-Gobain proves that it is possible for a small and a multinational company to create significant value and output through common goals, transparency and persistent execution. On the right you see the key success factors for our cooperation.


An ambassador that with passion sold in the concept to the first 3-4 operations. More ambassadors creating word of mouth and a true pull in the organisation.

Easy to join

A "to the point" concept description - easy to understand and very easy to opt-in for a first year of trial.


Access to concept description, films, cases, prices and onboarding material from the Saint-Gobain Intranet.


A Win-Win attitude where both parties shares best-practice and innovation can happen - on the go'.

See how Saint-Gobain uses Moblrn around the world

Saint-Gobain is already benefiting from the mobile learning initiative around the world. See how some of the countries are benefiting from the Moblrn platform. 

Saint-Gobain Vietnam

Saint-Gobain Vietnam joined the mobile learning initiative in July 2020. They were looking for a new work tool for their employees, and their resellers.

Cuong Ha Manh, Technical Training, Saint-Gobain Vietnam

Leca International

With Moblrn we have found a professional mobile learning platform that make us communicate with both internal as external customers. Regarding external customers, Moblrn has made it possible to reach new customers in a new and professional way. We only have positive feedback from the customers using our programs, only asking us to do more" 

Kim Rosenbom, Marketing & Innovation Manager Leca

Gyproc Sweden

Using Moblrn's platform, Gyproc created 18 microlearning-lessons, and distributed them on a weekly basis through smartphones. Here videos, photo contests and easy-going quizzes were mixed with advanced technical challenges – all to create engagement and long-lasting knowledge.