“We are very pleased with the result and we have received nice feedback from both the users and involved persons internally.”

Sandra Petterson, HR manager. Region (county) Halland, Sweden

How do you successfully onboard seasonal workers?

Halland is a region on the west coast of southern Sweden. Region Halland’s program for attracting summer-working youths had low commitment and attendance rates. What the employer wanted to convey to the youth, was received with a yawn.

The region used Moblrn to revolutionise the training program. They wanted to distribute fun content for 100 young people who were 16-19 years of age and reward them with incentives such as points which could convert to product prizes.

A Moblrn micro course was initiated a couple of weeks before the youngsters had set feet on their new workplace, and continued for 3 working weeks.

The result? Almost all of the youngsters participated in the entire micro course. The commitment and engagement of their training programs peaked during the whole training. As a bonus, Region Halland received a lot of tips and ideas on how to improve the sharing of information and organisation around summer jobs in their region.