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Push notifications- what's the purpose and how do I use them?

The students get notified on their mobile phones whenever new training material is available. 

Where can I find the push notification?

Push notifications can be found on the first page after you’ve clicked on “create a program”.

Important information: 

Please note, the time zone is automatically set to Central European Time.


The push notification options: 

Define the time range for when you would like your participants to receive push notifications/messages to their devices. This is a way to ensure that your correspondence times match your participants learning habits. 

Moblrn recommends that you set these times within the hours usually assigned to a typical working day. Push notifications that are being held back during the night, will be sent the following morning.

From* (default 9, you can change the hour easily)

To* (default 20, you can change the hour easily)

  • When using the Moblrn app in a smartphone or tablet participants will get both notification and Email. 

  • When using the Moblrn web-app via a browser, participants will only get Email.