Teach and engage your audience with
bite sized training

A user-friendly platform and prebuilt app

Moblrn is a modern and user-friendly platform for creating training and communication.
Moblrn provides all the necessary tools, ranging from content creation to the final analysis of results.

Mobile First

Everyone has a mobile and everyone needs training. The mobile is the perfect channel to reach out with training and company communication.

Today it's common for employees to spend more time on their phone than at a work computer. Forward-thinking companies recognise this and are looking for an mobile learning solutions to meet this change in behaviour. 

Moblrn allow you to easily create and deliver engaging learning content, directly to your employees or customers on mobile.

Bite-sized training

Bite-sized training is all about getting your learning in small doses that you can comprehend in a short time. Research has shown that we learn more (and retain it better) when we study in short focused portions than when we’re forced to sit through hour long classes.

Bite-sized training makes it easier to fit in learning sessions in an hectic day, and the training can be done in a coffee break or commuting to work. 

Bite-sized courses are easier to develop, update and distribute compared to traditional elearning courses and completion rates are dramatically higher. 

Easy to make

Moblrn is not like other learning tools. The whole idea with the concept is that anyone can do it. If you hold normal computer skills, E.g. you know how to build a Power Point presentations – well then you can handle the Moblrn platform. A great starting point is a powerpoint presentation that can easily be transformed to a learning module.

We passionately believe in the power of learning and communication to help unlock your full potential and shape successful working teams. That’s why we’re dedicated to putting training in the hands of all by making learning more accessible, digestible and engaging for everybody.

Track & Analyse

Track and analyse the activity and performance of groups or individual learners in real-time. Generate the dashboards you need to continuously improve your learning programmes and measure their business impact on the ground.

Moblrn dashboard is where you get all the feedback from you participants. This is where dialogue and answers is accessible for the admin.

Unique benefit - the Timeline.

The timeline functionality is unique for Moblrn and essential for creating micro-learning programs. Presenting learning content in smaller portions means that participants can easily digest knowledge and make time for reflection, between sessions.

Moblrn offers two different ways to build the timeline.
Dynamic timeline

This means that you add the relevant timespan between the chapters (for example; 1 hour, 1 day or 2 weeks). In this case program can stay ”open” and participants can join at anytime.

Specific timeline

Here you schedule the training chapters on specfic dates. In this case new chapters opens up and push messages goes to all participants at the same time. When using Moblrn as an internal channel for news and company updates you probably will build the program on a specific timeline.

From the creator’s perspective

Create interactions – piece of cake

Do you know how to copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop? Good, no other skills are needed. You start by choosing among a selection of templates; text, picture, video, link or type of question.

Create library content – at the drop of a hat

In exactly the same way as you create interactions, you create content for the library, accessible for the participants by a simple tap with the finger. Here you can add additional pieces of information or extras: Instructions, FAQ:s, guidelines, videos or links to websites.

Set the timeline – a walk in the park

If you have created more than 10 lessons/interactions in the same program, we suggest using Moblrn’s ”timeline” feature. By dividing the training into small portions (each 3-5 minutes short), served daily during a period of several weeks – you increase the learning curve dramatically.

From the user´s perspective

Get instant feedback – and earn points

You’ll discover that answering a question or completing a task will reward you with instant feedback. And sometimes with a number of points. No doubt you will go chasing for that kind of response!

Check result – with a tap

How many points have I earned? How many lessons remain? No worries! You will be in totally control by entering the program overview section.

Benefit from the ”library”

Here you might find a lot of valuable information, organised like an encyclopaedia – if the creator of the program has taken advantage of this feature. Just tap and check it out.

Sounds Good?

Find the plan that best fits your needs.