Moblrn your fast-track to company performance and engagement

A user-friendly platform and prebuilt app

Moblrn provides a simple tool and prebuilt app for creation and distribution of bite-sized training and company updates.

Reach everyone in the mobile

Everyone has a mobile and everyone needs training. The mobile is the perfect channel to reach out with training and company updates.

Today it's common for employees to spend more time on their phone than on their PC or laptop. Forward-thinking companies recognise this and are looking for a mobile learning solutions to meet this change in behaviour. 

Moblrn allow you to easily create and deliver engaging learning content, directly to your employees partners or customers via the mobile.

Flatten the forgetting curve with bite sized training

Bite-sized training is all about delivering your learning content in smaller portions that easily can be digested over time. With Moblrn training content is placed on a timeline so the student can absorb, reflect and practice between the learning lessons.

Pushing smaller chunks of training every day or every week is especially efficient if the training content is heavy or if aim of the training is to improve behaviour.  

Bite-sized courses are easier to develop, update and distribute compared to traditional e-learning courses and completion rates are dramatically higher. 

Everyone can do it

Moblrn is not like other learning tools. Our mission is to decentralize training. Every team, every department in the company should be empowered with Moblrn - a tool enabling them to build a training app or company updates without involvement from HR or L&D.

If you hold normal computer skills and you know how to build a powerpoint presentation – well then you can handle the Moblrn platform. A great starting point for creating a course is a powerpoint presentation that can easily be transformed to a mobile learning course within hours.

Showcase competence with certificate

Moblrn hold different features to motivate users to complete their training courses. Among them is the option of issuing a Certificate for anyone who completes the course.

This feature helps the user to showcase his competency, commitment for the profession and build expertise in his professional subject area.

For the company it is of great value to keep track on who in the organisation has complied with different type of compliance courses for example.

Gain insight through our Dashboard

Track and analyse the activity and performance of groups or individual learners in real-time. Generate the dashboards you need to continuously improve your learning programmes and measure the business impact on the ground.

Moblrn dashboard is where you get all the feedback from you participants. This is where dialogue and answers are accessible for the administrator.

Dialogue based training is your way to come across with training content at the same time as you get closer to your employees and customers by asking questions giving feed-back and creating reflections. 

Sounds Good?