“I feel completely updated about what is required of me as an employee and where the company is heading. Via the app, it is easy to acquire new knowledge and it is both fun and educational”

Denise, one of 150 employees. Phils Burgers

Intranet out of date?

Phils Burger has completely switched to using the Moblrn app for training and sharing internal information with their new and existing employees. In addition to the introductory program, all employees are offered various relevant courses which cover everything in the kitchen, drinks and service. The app is also used as an interactive intranet, where management can broadcast relevant news every week.

Phils Burger can share important details about their recipe and service standards as part of their digitized training. Working with the smartphone as an education tool has become a success, says Isabelle Filling, Concept & Marketing Manager for Phils Burger:

”The advantage of the mobile as a training tool is that everyone can participate in their own pace and that the education is interactive. By mixing videos, texts and pictures we get high attention among the participants. ”

All documentation which once existed in hard copy form is now contained within the Moblrn app. Phone numbers, human resource materials and manuals are all conveniently stored and accessible to the whole organisation. The company can easily send a reminder via push notices to those who have not yet received any part of the information. This ensures that everyone is up to date.