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Moblrn welcomes Anna Myrén and Maths Arvesjö to staff.

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Moblrn welcomes Anna Myrén and Maths Arvesjö to staff.

Myrén’s Prior Role as Customer Success Manager of Netcompetence and  Arvesjö’s Role as Sales Manager at Epson Sverige Provides Expertise for Moblrn’s Expansion Plans

Anna Myrén is a Customer Success Manager who has had over 13 years of international experience in digital media communication and customer success. Her career tracks a commitment to modern digital tools used for e-learning, such as webinars, streaming and virtual environments. She will apply her background in client communication to build long term customer relationships for Moblrn, starting April 2019.


Maths Arvesjö will also join the April 2019 recruitment as Sales Manager for Moblrn. Having finessed his skills at IT and tech firms such as Samsung, HP and Epson, his 17 years of experience in developing a large business network and creating B2B sales and partner sales solutions will be used to drive Moblrn in to the global market.


Besides office based achievements, Myrén is also a professional yoga teacher and Arvesjö is highly skilled at fishing and gaming.

Moblrn CEO Anders Börde comments,

“We are very excited to welcome Anna and Maths to our team at Moblrn. Not only will they enable a superior customer relationship experience for our clients, they will also be inspiring for our vendors and partners who come in to contact with them”.

The recruitment follows from Moblrn’s most recent funding emission and a network expansion since Saint Gobain Gyproc have introduced the digital learning platform to new international markets. A majority of existing and prospecting clients can expect to be in direct contact with  Myrén and Arvesjö within the year.