”With Moblrn we have found a professional mobile learning platform that make us communicate with both internal as external customers

Kim Rosenbom, Marketing and Innovation Director


Improved competence for increased sales.

Leca has been using Moblrn for a few years, in several ways and different target groups: their employees as well as B2B and B2C. From a first small micro-course regarding a product called Leca ® Uno, first used internally and then transformed into an external course for salespersons in a DIY-chain, five Leca countries are currently active Moblrn users.

What do you like most with Moblrn's learning platform?

It is a user-friendly platform and easy for our Administrators themselves to create micro-courses. We have generous support from Moblrn if we need quality checks or help with content production. It is easy to develop "master-courses" which we can copy to all our countries. And it is scalable – with small adjustments, we can change target groups, language and content in an already made course.

In 2019 we created an internal course for salespeople from all Leca countries, with preparation tasks and follow-up work to increase the effectiveness of the annual international "Leca Conference". This year (because of Corona) it is entirely a digital conference where we use Moblrn.

Increased competence (internally as well as externally) is one crucial component for increased sales. We can see positive sales and connections trends when micro-courses finish, that´s good.