“I really liked the mobile format. I looked forward to the next episode, it was exciting! At the same time, there was an opportunity to go back and repeat the different moments”

Participant in the education program,

Smartphone-based education helped Humana reach out to their remote teams.

Humana is a major private actor in the Swedish health sector. One of the challenges was to support and train their local managers, people who have contact with caregivers and make sure they get a personal assistant. These employees needed extra support, tips and advice on different topics such as; how to deal with customer expectations and how to manage mail and calendar more efficiently.

“Many customer managers are spread over the country and do not meet colleagues so often. Therefore, we would like to find a way to support them and give them small portions of training of current topics.“ sais Erika Kjellberg, former Human Resources Director at Humana.

Together with Moblrn, a mobile education program was created, where participants met Sofie, a colleague at Humana, in various tricky situations. The education included elements such as communication, dialog support, meeting expectations, distance management and tools for an efficient work situation.

The response among the the nearly hundred participants was very positive. Being able to complete the education at their own premises and on any occasion that suited them was one of the things the participants appreciated most.