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How do I use chapters?

A "Chapter" is a collection of lessons, like chapters in a book. By organising your course in chapters you’ll give the participants a better overview of the program. They’ll be able to follow the structure of the outline of the training course more easily.

Important: The Chapter name will be shown for the user in the Moblrn app.

Where can I find chapters?

Chapters can be found at the top of the page when you’re creating a lesson.

When you want to add a new chapter you simply click on ADD CHAPTER+ to the right on the page and type in the name of the new chapter.  Continue adding more chapters in the same way adding lessons that relate to each specific chapter.


You can switch between chapters on the drop-down menu if there are several and see the corresponding lessons for that particular chapter. 


The options for using chapter

Start by planning your training content (before creating the course in the CMS) and divide it into smaller blocks, giving each block a “Chapter name”. For example, if the training course is in regards to onboarding the name of that particular chapter might be called “Week 1” with lessons that all relate to the first week of onboarding. The next chapter might be called “Week 2” and so on.