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How do I publish a course?

What is the key function for Publish / Unpublish?

This is the "Red button" for your program, where you launch/start (or end) a program for registered users (participants). 

Where do I find Publish / Unpublish? 

Publish/Unpublish can be found in the left-hand menu when creating content for a lesson.


Note that nothing happens before at least one (1) user is registered! It is not possible to see the course in the Moblrn app before it’s published.

When clicking on publish you’ll receive a message and a pop-up box asking you confirm that you would like to start (or end) a course with the message "By publishing your program it will be available to 1 user and a welcome mail will be sent". This means that the Invitation Email that you have formulated under settings / Invitation Email will be sent to the user immediately who directly can start the program.

If a program already is published and you would like to end it, you tap Unpublish. Then your participants no longer can log in to the program. As long as you do not tap Remove program, you will find the program in your Moblrn account. 

Advice: If you would like everyone to receive their invitation email at the same time, then first send the list of users to, and then click on publish once it’s been confirmed that the users have been uploaded. 

We recommend that you along with a test group, test the course before going live.