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How do I get access to the course in my mobile phone?

You have been set up as an administrator and have access to our content management system (CMS) where courses are created on your PC or laptop. In order to get access to the app, so you also can view the courses on your mobile phone, you need to invite yourself as a user to a course. 

Where do I invite myself to a course? 

Simply click on the default course called “Get started with Moblrn” once logged on to the CMS as an admin. 

Then click on the tab in the menu to the left called “Add users” to get to the page called “Add course user”. Add your name and email address in the fields that are mandatory and click “Add” to receive an invite with instructions on how to download the app and log in. 


When creating a new course as an admin it’s helpful to be able to check the progress in the mobile phone at the same time. Refresh the course by pulling and releasing the screen on your mobile phone to see the latest update. 

Invite colleagues to test the course by adding them as new users as well. 

Can’t se the course in your mobile phone? Remember click on publish, in the left hand menu, for it to be visible on your mobile phone.