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How do I add students/users to a course?

Where can I invite the student to join a course?

Click on the course that you’d like to invite the students. Then click on the tab in the menu to the left called “Add users” to get to the page called “Add course user”. 

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You can add users one by one to your course or add a batch of users by sending an Excel or CSV-file to 

  • Add single user: Name and Email (it will be the login) is mandatory.

  • Batch add users: Download the spread-sheets that are named CSV or Excel examples to start populating the fields with the details of the students. Please make sure that the data is correctly formatted with name, phone number, email, department and company (you can leave every column/field except Name and Email empty). 

Every student will receive an email with instructions on how to download the app and log in to attend the course.