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How can I customize the welcome email?

The welcome email contains instructions on how to download the Moblrn app as well as each unique password for the student to log on. The welcome email is sent to each student as soon as the course has been published.

Where can I find the welcome email? 

Click on the course in question so you get to the main overview, then click on settings in the left-hand menu. Scroll down to the section called “Invitation email” to view the mail template that you can customize and create a personalised invitation for.

18 (1).JPG


It’s very important that you click on the button called “Save”, at the bottom of the page, after customizing the Welcome mail. Please note that the page doesn’t auto save updates. 


Options to customize the welcome mail:

Sender name: There’s an option to change the sender name to something else, perhaps the name of your company. It’s however important to first check your company policies in terms emails as there are some policies which will block mails were the sender name is different than the sender email.  Or a sender name that belongs to the company and a sender email that is external. 

Our advice is to leave this field blank as this will enable mails to get through more easily. The sender mail and name, if left blank, will be 

Subject: The second field is named "Subject". This is the subject line in an email, and here you should think like pros working with email campaigns: Make this text clear and interesting so it stands out. 

Email content: Update the body of the email with your preferred font and write a personalised message for your participants. This will be the very first correspondence your participants will receive, so it’s great to introduce the intention of the training course here. 

We have made a default Invitation Email that you with easily can change. You can copy and paste variables/templates from Email macros:

Student's name -

Student's email address -

Android app link -

iOS app link -

Webapp program link -

Student's password -

Programe name where student is invited

Client name of the program