“Finally, an easy, efficient and fun way to do our training. Innovative and professional; I like that”

Björn Berlin, Technical Manager at Saint-Gobain, Sweden AB, Gyproc.

How to engage your sales staff

Gyproc is one of the world’s leading plaster board manufacturers for walls and floors. One of their dealers in Sweden, Beijer Construction (a chain of 67 outlets) had noticed an increase in complaints due to the lack of the knowledge around plasterboard among the staff. A significant challenge for a product company is to reach out with information and training among hundreds of shops and often thousands of sales people. Gyproc wanted to overcome this challenge by placing training in the pockets of the sales people.

Using Moblrn's platform, Gyproc created 18 micro-lessons (each 3-5 minutes short), and distributed them on a weekly basis through smartphones. Here videos, photo contests and easy-going quizzes were mixed with advanced technical challenges – all to create engagement and long-lasting knowledge.

Despite the challenge to attract the staff of a dealer for a voluntary training, Gyproc managed to engage the sales force to participate in the product training, during a period of 8 weeks.

The training was so successful that the concept of micro product training has been launched on all continents globally.

Gyproc traing