"We at Daikin use Moblrn for digital training of our heat pumps and verification to ensure the highest quality and efficiency at every step of the installation process."

Erik Smith

Service Business Manager, Daikin Sverige

“Vi på Daikin använder Moblrn för digital utbildning av våra värmepumpar och verifiering för att säkerställa högsta kvalitet och effektivitet i varje steg av installationsprocessen.”

Erik Smith

Chef för serviceverksamheten, Daikin Sverige

About Daikin

"Daikin is the world's largest manufacturer of heat pumps. In Sweden, we sell and distribute all kinds of heat pumps used by individuals, businesses, industries, and various commercial and public entities. We sell to contractors who then install our products for their various clients."

The benefits and value for Daikin in using Moblrn

"Initially, we used Moblrn for digital verification and testing after physical courses and training activities. And right now, that is still the main area of use. That function works very well for us. Now, we have increasingly started using Moblrn for small and digital micro-courses, such as "On-demand micro-courses".

Moblrn is a great tool for easily creating digital courses. Essentially, anyone can create courses in Moblrn. It is easy to make our courses available to our external target groups, i.e., installers and assemblers at the companies that sell and install Daikin's products. It is also quick to track and follow up on who has completed our courses and if they have any specific questions for us. Much of our previous manual and time-consuming administrative work is now simplified and automated, as well as significantly faster with the help of Moblrn. For someone used to paper, it's nice to have a digital solution for this"

Erik Smith , Service business manager, Daikin Sweden 

What lessons have you learned from your use of Moblrn so far?

One lesson learned is that digital learning suits many people, while others prefer physical training. So we need to do 'both.' Even though we are focusing on the digital aspect, we also need to maintain the more traditional and instructor-led training activities within Daikin Academy. Therefore, completely digital and completely physical training activities complement each other very well. It's worth considering that many of our partners (contractor companies) do not have the time or opportunity to attend our physical training sessions (in Stockholm and Gothenburg). In such cases, digital courses are essential.

Another lesson is that it is often perfect to combine the physical with the digital. For example, some parts digitally, some parts physically, and then some parts digitally.

What are your next steps with Moblrn?

We have just launched our first digital onboarding, which combines short videos and questions, for the target group of installers and assemblers. Internally, we have also received requests from our own salespeople to create part 2 and part 3 (more product-specific) in the onboarding process. So, we will continue to develop training such as "On-demand" and "Self-service" in Moblrn. All new customers at Daikin must undergo our onboarding training. We want to ensure that installations and any service actions are handled correctly and promptly to align with Daikin's high quality and extensive warranties.

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