”Once a week our leaders receives tips and inspiration to help them in their daily work as leaders and role models”

Anne Kathrine Sølberg, HR

Bodø Municiaplity

Leadership training in a Norwegian township.

How do you manage to keep engagement alive, during the months in between traditional training sessions?Bringing together 250 leaders to provide a high-quality leadership training program over two days, is demanding and expensive. The township of Bodø in Norway managed to do this successfully by using Moblrn. They also recognised the long-lasting effects and increased motivation to learn in between these gatherings.In February 2016, all the leaders in Bodø Municipality were invited to the mobile micro-learning program “DigiMentor-leadership: training right in your pocket”. The primary goal of this smartphone training program was to continuously train the participants and keep a level of engagement in between the seminars, which took place twice a year.Using the Moblrn-tool, Bodø created a unique smartphone training program with weekly challenges to improve or evaluate leadership skills. The feedback and results from these microlearning courses are very positive.