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About us

Everyone needs training. Everyone has 5 minutes. Everyone has a phone.

Moblrn is a self-service platform that enables digital learning programs to be instantly created and distributed.

We believe in making everything easy, accessible and scalable.

Moblrn is the simplest tool to use in the digital learning market, which is expected to be worth $252 billion by 2020. Our platform has been implemented globally by mass retail companies such as Saint Gobain and smaller restaurant chains such as Phil’s Burger in Stockholm. All without having to do any systems training.

Where to find us


Katarinavägen 15, 116 45 Stockholm, Sweden


57 Cairnhill Road, #10-12
229668 Singapore

+65 9450 8441


Husargatan 3, 211 28 Malmo, Sweden

+46 733 477 000

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