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MOBLRN is a self-service platform that helps your company achieve macro training results, using mobile microlearning. With our platform it’s easy to set up your own training program and improve skills and knowledge in the workplace, giving your employees bite-sized content. We like to think of microlearning as an espresso for the mind: strong, quick and effective knowledge on the go.

If you type ”e-learning platform” into Google, 1,3 million hits will pop up on your screen – how do we dare to launch one more learning platform on the market?

The answer is simple. The vast majority of these platforms were developed before 2012 and therefore primarily built for desktop. Since then a lot has happened. Our smartphone is the way we enter our digitalized life. It is where we read the news, answer emails and maintain relationships via social media. So why not make company training part of our daily mobile routine? Our vision was to take these mobile moments and make them into smart everyday training moments. That is why we decided to create MOBLRN.

MOBLRN was launched in 2015 and is built for mobile and mobile only. Our platform is optimized to suit “on the go” content for smartphones, using the concept of microlearning. Microlearning is bite-sized knowledge, which means that your employees are presented with smaller pieces of training, over time and on a regular basis.

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Although microlearning is a fairly new concept, MOBLRN is no stranger to mobilized learning and training. Prior to MOBLRN, CEO Anders Börde and CTO Oscar Corsvall worked with and developed a number of mobile training programs for clients like Telenor, Samsung and Volvo. These programs delivered higher motivation and engagement among its participants than traditional training, such as workshops and seminars. That insight inspired and showed that mobile learning really is a training tool that suits our modern workplace.

With MOBLRN, training never has to stop. We built a tool that is intuitive, so intuitive in fact that our platform could be managed by a 10 year old. As an admin you can set up a sales training, company on-boarding or update your company guidelines in an hour, meaning your employees can get going with their training that very same day.

MOBLRN’s goal is to give you smart, mobile microlearning that provides macro results for your company training. With MOBLRN you are free to either make the programs yourself together with your internal team, you can ask your production agency who may be familiar with your business and your training content – or you can ask us and our strong team of program creators to help you going.

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Our Team

  • anders_bw
    Anders Börde

    CEO/Founder & Program Producer

  • oscar_bw
    Oscar Corsvall

    CTO/Founder - Product Manager

  • nils_bw
    Nils Carlberg

    Senior Program Producer

  • steinar_bw
    Steinar Juliuson

    Photografer and Motion Graphics

  • Daniel Lauding
    Daniel Lauding

    Designer, UX and Developer

Our Team of Developers

  • alex_dev_bw

    Lead Developer / Scrum Master

  • dimitriv_g_dev_bw

    Front End Developer

  • yuriy_dev_bw

    Node.js backend developer

  • pavel_dev_bw_new

    Android Developer

  • david

    IOS Developer

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