80% of traditional training is forgotten within 30 days !

MOBLRN your fast-track to long lasting training effects. We enable microlearning – on the go in the mobile !

We give you a self service platform - or you ask us to make your microlearning program for you !
Anders Börde, CEO MOBLRN

MOBLRN – in 5 minutes !

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See complete MOBLRN tutorial. In 5 minutes you will learn how to set up a training program, add engaging content to your timeline and invite your colleagues to your newly created training app. This is it. The simplest and most efficient training tool the market has ever seen 😉



Training ON THE GO something for the entire company

Sales Manager

"Sales and Product Training is expensive. Great If I can train our salesforce frequently where they are"

Marketing Manager

"Corporate culture is essential for our company to progress. Mobile training is more engaging, personal and sticky"

HR Manager

"Change is a part of our daily life. To make our employees motivated we need to find engaging ways to train and develop them"

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Simple to setup

With MOBLRN you can set up your own company training program and get going within minutes. It’s easy to create and add your micro content to your timeline and as an admin you can see the progress and results your employees are making.

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Step 1_Learn how to get started and log in (1/11)

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Step 2_Learn how to create a training program (2/11)

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Easy to use

Using the MOBLRN app you can do your company training when and where it suits you. Answer a quick question on the bus, watch a short video in between meetings or take some “Facebook-time” to get on top of updated company guidelines.

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Get started with our tutorials

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Step 8_Participants gets invite (8/11)

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Step 9_Participants recieves first content (9/11)

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I was amazed how easy it was to create the training program. MOBLRN was flexible and fun to work with. Johanna Andersson, Project Manager IAB Sweden

We share our knowledge

Prices (SEK)

  • Small & Medium Business

    Monthly payment/Yearly payment – (minimum 6 months)

    • 1 Program (at the time)
    • 4 Admins
    • Get-started session
    • 9-17 technical support (mail)
    50 active users 2.500/m 25.000/y
    100 active users 4.000/m 40.000/y
    250 active users 7.500/m 75.000/y
    350 active users 8.750/m 87.500/y
    Get started right away Free trial – 30 days
  • Enterprise

    350+ users! Go Enterprise

    • Unlimited Programs
    • Unlimited Admin
    • API integration
    • Support and Development
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Additional services

  • Prototype

    Seeing is believeing. We make demo app with your content. 5.000 - 10.000 SEK
  • Make Training Program

    Based on your brief we make storyboard and delivers the complete program.
  • Microlearning Why and How

    Let us share our insight, best practice and help you sell in microlearning in your organisation

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